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Flying in for the Big Game on February 3, 2019?


Atlanta Regional Airport-Falcon Field has the ability for the Big Game weekend to accommodate up to 50 Mid Size Business Jets. ***Information on this page subject to change***


Starting Wednesday January 30th and ending Tuesday February 5th of 2019, the airport will require any IFR flight a slot in the FAA coordinated Prior Permission Required (PPR) slot system. Your flight department can coordinate through our Customer Service Team by either calling 770-487-2225 or emailing frontdesk@kffc.org . There will be a charge for each PPR slot requested. See below for Event Fees.


During this time frame you IFR Arrivals and Departure will be limited to 4-6 total operations per hour. VFR traffic will not be affected except during the TFR on Sunday. Departing VFR and attempting to pick up an IFR Clearance we have been told is strongly discourage and you will likely be denied IFR service with out a PPR slot.


Shuttle Service from the aircraft parking areas to the FBO will be provided. Catering orders must be made in advance and can be coordinated through our Customer Service Team.




Tuesday January 29th                                                                                                  0700-2000


Wednesday January 30th                                                                                             0700-2200


Thursday January 31st                                                                                                 0600-2200


Friday February 1st                                                                                                      0600-2200


Saturday February 2nd                                                                                                 0600-2200


Sunday February 3rd                                                                                                    0600-


Monday February 4th                                                                                                            -2000


Tuesday February 5th                                                                                                   0600-2000


Wednesday February 6th                                                                                              0700-2000




Big Game Weekend Fees

Fees apply Wednesday January 30th @ 0515 lcl through Tuesday February 5th @ 2315 lcl



Ground Power Unit (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                                   $55


GPU Jump Start (24v) (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                              $55


Forklift (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                                                       $80


Scissor Lift (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                                                $80




Towing (if not in Hangar) (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                          $50


Towing (flat tire) (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                                       $50


Lavatory Service (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                                    $130


Oxygen Service                                                                   Available Through Third Party


Catering Storage Fee (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                               $30


Catering Pick Up Fee (not waived with fuel purchase)                                                              $30*


*$30 for catering orders under $100 or add 30% for orders over $100.




After Hours "Call Out"                                                                                                $250*


*2 hour minimum for after hours call outs. $250 for the first two hours and $125 every hour after that. These fees apply to ALL transient aircraft requesting after hours service. After hours fees for Big Game Weekend will apply any time outside of the hours mentioned above.




Conference Room Rental (Per hour)                                                                            $20




Single - Piston (first night waived with 10 gal fuel purchase)                                                            $15


Multi - Piston (first night waived with 10 gal fuel purchase)                                                               $20


Turbo Prop/Jet  (first night waived with fuel purchase)                                                                   $60


Helicopter - Piston (first night waived with 10 gal fuel purchase)                                                      $15


Helicopter - Piston (first night waived with 30 gal fuel purchase)                                                      $30




Large Jet (waived with 250 gal fuel purchase)                                                                            $120


Medium Jet (waived with 150 gal fuel purchase)                                                                          $75


Small Jet (waived with 80 gal fuel purchase)                                                                               $45


*These fees are to cover many of the services/amenities that we offer to our Turbo/Jet customers and includes coffee, dish washing, ice, crew shower, newspapers (upon request) and concierge services offered by the Customer Service Team.




Single - Piston                                                                                                               $35


Multi - Piston                                                                                                                  $50


Turbo Prop/Jet                                                                                                             $120


Helicopter - Piston                                                                                                         $35


Helicopter - Turbine                                                                                                       $55


**Hangar Fees are NOT waived with fuel purchase. Prior arrangement required as space may or may not be available.



ANY AIRCRAFT (REGARLESS OF SIZE)                                                                          $1,500


This fee covers additional staffing, catering and fuel truck costs and cannot be waived with any additional purchase. The fee is $750 for an arrival and $750 for a departure.


If arrival is before the PPR start date but departure is during the required PPR time frame the $1,500 fee will still apply. If arrival is during the PPR start date but departure is after the required PPR time frame the $1,500 fee will still apply.



What dates are slots required for?

Wednesday January 30th @ 0515 through Tuesday February 5th @ 2315


What are the landing/facility/event fees?

$1,500 plus any additional overnight or equipment fees.


Do the fees vary by aircraft type?

The event fee is for any size aircraft during the PPR time frame.


How much does overnight parking cost?

$60/night for any turbine aircraft.


What are the terms for cancellation with regards to the above?

$750 non-refundable deposit required


Is there a fee to change tails prior to arrival?

No fee to change tail numbers if with the same company.


Can slot times be changed without penalty? If so, how far out in advance?

Yes, slots can be changed with no penalty provided the requested slot time is still available.


Is a credit card hold required to reserve a slot?



Where are you planning on parking aircraft?

Various ramps around the airfield. We will be relocated our tie down tenants for that week. Shuttle Service to and from the FBO/Aircraft will be provided.


Is type 1 and/or 4 de-ice available?



How far in advance must hangar space be reserved? What is hangar pricing?

No hangar space will be available at that time.


What passenger accommodations do you have concerning remote parking?

We have a shuttle service to the FBO. Off field transportation will be the responsibility of the crews or dispatchers.


Are you arranging screenings for pax during the TFR?

This does not pertain to us as we are outside of the 10NM TFR where this is required.



No Hangar Space Available Big Game Weekend